Commonly-Used Russian Assistant

Having a hard time learning Russian? You can read Cyrillic but it takes you forever to figure out what the word means?

The Commonly-Used Russian Assistant is an innovative method for language learning that’ll help you learn words rather than read them!

The program will present a Russian word to you in a limited amount of time and you will have to learn to recognize the word instantly once you read it. Depending on your skill level, at the highest speeds, there is almost no time to decipher every character in the alphabet, you have to know what the word means just by looking at it.

The word bank consists of 100 of the most commonly used Russian words and is a great start to building your elementary vocabulary!

This program was created because Russian is one of our favorite languages to learn and we decided to make a challenging game to help us learn the language. Rather than keep the program to ourselves, we decided to share it with the world.

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