Welcome to the Research and Development Division of the Grouching Tiger. Led by one man, the quality of the apps we make range from legitimately useful to absolute garbage.


An innovative app designed to facilitate Japanese language learning by employing flashcards, a matching game, and sight learning techniques to master the top 100 most common kanji characters.


Discover the core of the Russian language through this app, employing sight learning to efficiently teach users how to recognize the 100 most common words.

Glasses 2 Contacts

Empower optometry students with the ability to seamlessly convert glasses prescriptions to contact lens prescriptions using an app that uses the vertex distance conversion formula.


Streamline your preparation for the Status of Forces Agreement Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) licensing exam with this app, offering flashcards, quiz questions, and a road sign test for an effective study experience.


A simple study tool that provides optometrists with an provisional diagnosis of common red eye presentations through a series of questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you dislike Apple so much, why are all your programs iPhone apps?

I got bored one day and wanted to see how easy it was to make a program using Swift.

I have an idea for a program, can you make it?

Our programming skills know no bounds. Get in touch with Harry on Facebook and he’ll see what he can do.

Are all of your programs free?

Most of them. That being said, all of the free programs have advertisements in them to help pay for our Ramen Noodles.