Are you a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) member? Are you having a hard time passing the privately owned vehicle test in Okinawa? This is the app for you!

We made this app because when we arrived in Okinawa, we were introduced to the area and were promptly provided the drivers’ license test without much preparation. Needless to say, that test was way harder than expected. We passed, but a lot of people failed. This app was developed to prevent anyone else from experiencing the same anxiety we did.

This app has 88 flashcards, 88 multiple choice questions, and 82 signs to memorize. It’s a simple app, but download it today and you’ll thank us later.

This app was made with Ionic CLI 6.20.6 and Vue 3.0. I would be afraid to show you the source code to this app because its pretty sloppy, but at least it works.

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